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Body Boost Blueberry – 40 caps

Blueberry is traditionally knowed to be one of nature’s strongest antioxidant and also its preventive effects on the macula of the eye.

Ingredients: Blueberry extract (150 mg per capsule), 25 mg of Lutein, 33 mg Starch, Dextrin 15 mg, Routine 25 mg Quercetin 25 mg, 56.3 mg Zinc lactate, vitamin E 10 mg, 10 mg Salvia, Selenium 62.4 mcg. Capsule: Gelatin (only from cattle), Titanium dioxide 110 mg.


Information for companies

Size consumer pack40 kapslar à 150 mg
No. of units / package12
Nr. of packages / layer18
Nr. of layers / pallet8
Nr. of packages / pallet144
Nr. of units per pallet1728
Delivery termsFree our warehouse
Payment termsAccording to agreement
EAN code – product7350009145459
EAN code – cart/package7350009145466


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