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Drink mixes / Diet powders

We are able to supply a great variation of food supplement / diet powders with different variations in taste as well as packing.

Protein base can be from Whey, Oat, Rice and Soy.

The drink mixes are packed in sachets and offers an alternative dosage form. The active ingredients are easily dissolved in water prior to consumption and are therefore faster acting, easier to swallow and more gentle on the gastrointestinal tract.

Advantages of Drink mixes and Diet powders

  • Compression of large active substance quantities.
  • Consumer-friendly and attractive application (children, seniors, persons with fear of swallowing tablets or capsules).
  • Durability of moisture-sensitive active substances (practically water-free).
  • Immediate availability of the active substances.
  • High acceptance as a dosage form within the nutritional supplements.
  • Individual dose sachets are practical, hygienic and flexible in terms of dosage size and use.