Innovative solutions for
your premium consumables!

About Bellvin Group

Our colleagues have since 2002 established long-standing cooperation with world leading manufacturers for product categories we focus on, Health care & Pharmaceuticals and Beauty care & Personal care.

Since the start we have developed and sold products to most of the established retail chains located in the Northern European Markets. This either directly with in house developed product, sc. House Brands or indirectly thru our clients own brands.

Our extensive experience in providing our clients with a wide variety of outstanding product and package solutions has proven to be very successful business for our clients, our co operational partners and us.

The key to our success is that we offer you a turnkey service on:

  • Your product specifications at highly competitive prices and low volume requirements.
  • Outstanding packaging and printing solutions.
  • Secure production via world leading manufacturers.
  • The ability of producing products without appearing to the final consumer.
  • Flexible, cost effective and on-time logistics.


Values and visions – our guiding principles

Our Guiding Principles is the result of thorough discussions relating to the development of our company and support the distinctive elements of our business culture. With this commitment, we are striving to make improvements that enable us to continue to exceed customers expectations.

The normative values to which we are committed, is integrated in our business culture.

Our Guiding Principles are binding for both our employees and our external partners. By communicating these principles, we actively develop and improve our company and our corporate processes.


Company Objectives

We are a globally active company with core competences in the development and production of products, which are relevant to the; Health & Pharmaceuticals and Beauty care & Personal care sector. We are committed through our products and services to promote the health and well-being of humanity.


Our Basic Principles – the Distinctive Values of Our Company

Customer Orientation and CreativenessWe express our appreciation of our customers through our reliability, responsibility and competence. In the way we conduct our business, our customers continually experience our efforts and creativity to fulfil their requirements.
Striving for InnovationWe will continuously develop our range of products. Innovative products and services enable us to respond flexibly to changing customers needs and market conditions. We maintain an up-to-date range of quality products.
Professional and Social CompetenceAll our employees bring their professional know-how to the Bellvin Group and they are personally responsible for the way they conduct business with our clients. We are results-oriented and continually strive for process improvements.
Climate of Mutual AppreciationOur management style is based on a high respect for others. We make high demands in terms of professionalism and social awareness as part of personal development goals.
Orientation for Performance and MotivationThrough a constant drive towards high-performance, we strive to exceed our business objectives. We are reacting with pride and joy when successes are achieved, and transmit the same enthusiasm to new tasks and projects. We focus on an ongoing business to ensure we make value-added decisions for our company.
Fair and Long-Term PartnershipsWe work hard to maintain good relationships with all our partners. Equitable and long-term partnerships are cornerstones of our quality management.
Environmental and Social ResponsibilityAs a member of society, we will encourage and require responsibility towards the betterment of humanity and the environment. Furthermore, as part of this society, we are committed to active participation by contributing to ethical, economical, ecological and sustainable solutions.