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Plaqtive Mouthwash – 250 ml

Effective mouthwash with double effect. Prevents the formation of plaque and give a fresh breath. Plaqtive Mouthwash with Fluor is specially developed with a special formulation:

–      Prevents plaque.
–      Strengthening the tooth enamel and prevent caries.
–      Leaves a feeling of freshness in the mouth with a remaining fresh mint flavor.

To open and use; remove the seal. Crimp with fingertips on both sides of the cap and turn it counterclockwise. Close by turning the cap until it clicks. Rinse thoroughly in the mouth with a full cork undiluted mouthwash morning and evening to freshen teeth and breath.

Warning! Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children under 6 years.


Information for companies

Size consumer pack250 ml
Nr. of units / carton12
Nr. of cartons / layer20
Nr. of layers / pallet7
Nr. of cartons / pallet140
Nr. of units per pallet1680
Delivery termsFree our warehouse
Payment termsAccording to agreement
EAN code – product7350009141079
EAN code – cart/package7350009141086


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